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#OurLove is a series of drawings and paintings of queer couples based in Atlanta. The intent of this series is to create awareness and representation for a kind of love that isn’t shown in mainstream media and show the abundant queer community that exists in Atlanta. I want to tell the stories of resilient queer people of color and the everyday resistance that we live through. I want to show how beautiful and worthy we are of love, happiness, and representation. This series is focused on exalting the beauty of queer love and the magic that is being a QTPOC. I want to show the beauty in our strength, the wisdom that comes from the obstacles, and the rebellion that is existing and loving ourselves. Every drawing has a QR code for an interview where they explain their relationship and talk about existing as a QTPOC. These couples are proof that even without our existence being seen as valid by society we can still thrive and find who we need to be and who we need to be with. Their stories of love and commitment are just as beautiful and as valid as straight couples.  



The stories we live aren’t represented anywhere in the media, especially not in fine art. I want to see more QPOC enjoying life, not only portrayed as tragedy. We are so worthy. We deserve to be seen. Our love matters.  

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