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L a  J a u l a

La Jaula is a Lesbian bar located in La Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo. It has been a safe space for queer people who live in the Dominican Republic for years. My partner and I encountered the bar one night while we were out clubbing, and fell in love with it. After a few months they moved to a new space I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with the owner to create a new look for the bar.


The design process sought to honor dominican art and LGBT culture. I based my designs on the intersections of local folklore and queer love. Planning this project involved a lot of fruitful collaboration with Viviana, the bar owner, as well as local community. The project culminated in a successful celebration that featured local drag queens as well as a joyous dance party that marked a new beginning for La Jaula. This project is incredibly near and dear to my heart and one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.

In total, I painted over 17 murals in less than two months.

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These murals were created to honor the people who dare to live authentically. The world tried to hide you, yet look how bright you shine. You are a work of art worthy of celebration. Thank you for existing in this space, it’s an honor to have you here.


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