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Mock-up collaboration of Apple watch x Creamos

Apple and Creamos is partnering to bring you a new beautiful collection created with handmade beads made by women in Guatemala. Creamos encompasses the values of hard work, resilience, and beauty that Apple believes in. This new collaboration will not only give you the opportunity to own a one of a kind, handmade necklace, but your purchase will also benefit the foundation itself. Out of every purchase we will donate 70% to Creamos and Camino Seguro. We recognize that the hard work and resilience of these women needs to be acknowledged. We are honored to partner with Creamos, and we hope this collaboration brings some attention to the beautiful work these women are doing to support themselves and their families.

Hard Rock Moments

The ask is to create a line of fragrances for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino — launching a new brand within the established Hard Rock Brand.

this was a collaborative group project with my entire advertising class. I was one of the main art directors and designers in this mock project.


Bloom is a diagnostic tool that measures stress in the workplace. Bloom uses biosensor technology, scanners, and an app to measure an unbiased and non-invasive accumulation of actual stress and perceived stress.


I created this portfolio for carter's design to showcase designs inspired by the joy's of childhood.

Coca Cola & Olympic Games

We created an experience that celebrated the 100 year partnership of Coca Cola and the Olympic Games. The concept of more than 100 embodies the joy, tradition, and excellence of this momentous occasion. 

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